Google is surveying developers to find the OEMs that aggressively kill apps

Google is surveying its developer community as part of what appears to be a bid to crackdown on OEMs that aggressively kill apps. Key factors in most consumers’ smartphone purchase decisions include how fast the device feels and its battery life. To make their devices feel snappy and full of life, OEMs often aggressively kill apps more than Google intended.

Google doesn’t seem happy about that. And it shouldn’t be, the company has put a lot of work into features like Doze and App Standby Buckets which have greatly improved Android’s handling of background apps in recent years.

Consumers may not even be aware their apps have been killed by the OEM’s tinkering with Android and unfairly blame the app’s developer for a poor experience. Even worse, OEMs which use a whitelist system to enable certain apps like Facebook to run unrestricted means that smaller developers are out at even more of a competitive disadvantage.

Google is now asking developers to report OEMs which appear to be taking part in this questionable practice by asking for the following details:

Name of the affected app(s)

Name of OEMs and device models on which they observe the issueAndroid OS version

Steps to reproduce the issue as well as the expected results and observed results

Affected API

Whether they were able to reproduce the same issue on a Pixel device (or other device running the same Android version).

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